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Shoo! Home

Protection Plan


Control pest safely in the home

using non-toxic solutions

Shoo! Home Protection Plan

365 days Protection

Covers Cockroaches, Common Ants and Rats

Known benefits of Shoo! Pest Protection Solutions

Shoo! Pest Protection Solutions makes use of organic and natural products which are designed to be biodegradable yet having the same effectiveness as that of its synthetic counterparts. The control tactics used are purely natural and organic, making it the best choice for a safe and non-toxic eradication of pests as well as the best natural alternative for chemical sprays.


The practices used in Shoo! helps in promoting the health and structure of plants around. Apart from that, it reduces the possible risks of cancer, nerve damage and even birth defects which could be brought on by using synthetic chemicals.

Shoo! Pest Protection Solution: How it works

Shoo! Pest Protection Solutions includes in three steps:


Pest Control operator will diagnose and treat pest harborage area using environmentally safe pesticide externally


Pest Control operator will diagnose and treat pest infestation using organic and natural products internally


Customers will be provided with a bottle of natural pest repellent during each service

IPM professionals set an action threshold which uses alternative actions such as pest monitoring to control pests in your home rather than just spraying pesticide all over the infested areas. Once the threshold is all set, they will then be able to know how large the infestation is, how much damage they might incur, and which steps to take to control the infestation immediately.

Shoo! Pest Protection Solutions also include actions like identifying the problems and fixing them so that it will be free from future pest invasions. But if the prevention methods don’t succeed, control methods are then implemented. It could be through the use of traps or even using organic and natural spray to areas with infestation.

Shoo! Pest Protection Solutions is the best alternative for eliminating pests in your home without any harm. Don’t let those bugs bug you anymore by opting to this control method that actually works!



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